Who We Are: Funnel Cakes a "Dessert Sensation," our passion to serve you the very best.

                                  Dessert Menu Selections

1. Funnel Cake with powdered sugar. [ Original ]

2. Funnel Cake with cinnamon sugar 



Special creations:

3. Funnel cake with Strawberries & Cream [ Most popular topping ]

4. Funnel Cake with Ghirardelli chocolate sauce & Cream.

5. Funnel Cake with cream cheese frosting on the side for your dipping pleasure.

6. Funnel Cake with Caramel sauce & Cream.



Ned's fresh lemonade

[Throat cooling, thirst quenching, satisfying, freshly squeezed beverage.]

Diana's Iced Cappuccino or Mocha Latte.

Fresh brewed Iced Tea and from that and Ned's lemonade comes the very best Arnold Palmer


Nachos Grandes.


Menu can and will vary.

A wonderful party will live on in your memory. That's why we not only offer a unique menu as a party service for Westminster and the surrounding area, but we also provide the talent, staff and equipment for a flawless event. Whether a family celebration at home or a large event in a rented location, our experienced team will develop the right " Dessert Sensation" to make your celebration an unforgettable experience. 


The advantages of Keysfunnelcakes

  • Years of experience in the organization of events of all sizes 
  • Diverse and high quality dessert
  • Fresh and made to order
  • Fair prices