Our Menus was Inspired by the history of Funnel Cakes


Funnel Cakes are:


Fried pastries similiar to doughnuts and fritters.


They date back to 1878 in the Pennsylvania Dutch Region and Ohio.

Speciality food for holidays and festivals.




High quality specialy formulated batter for low absorption when deep fried in hot oil at 400 degree. In less that two minutes, a golden funnel cake will be topped off with a variety of toppings and presented to your guests.


Types of Funnel Cakes from around the world:

Finnish funnel cakes eaten on May Day called Tippelias.


Spanish call them churros.


Canada call them beaver tails.


New Orleans, they are called beignets and are cut in a rectangular shape.


India calls them Jalebi.


Austria they are called Strauben.

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