Testimonials: Happy Customers

"Keys Concessions was started by a retired pilot. He felt it would be a stress free small business. He lived in The Florida Keys and in Colorado, hence the name. He provided top of the line products and earned the respect of all. In 2011 Keysfunnelcakes took over to carry on his legacy with only the best products including Ned's famous lemonade.

Who is Ned? He is the man that holds the key to success and passed it on to us. It is an honor to follow in his footsteps. We will carry on.


"The team at Keysfunnelcakes have been outstanding, I had to organize a large conference for my company and everything went like a treat, I would definitely recommend them to anybody looking for a professional and dedicated dessert specialist."                                          P.R. Golden, Co.


Comment: May 7,2012

I thought everything looked really snazzy and seemed very easy for people to read menu and order. The funnel cake was AWESOME as was the lemonade, I don't like it sweet.....it was perfect.                                       S.T. Golden,Co.


Comment: May 7, 2012

Grateful for a great funnel cake day!                    The Ber. Golden, Co. 


Comment: May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Street Rodders for life Car Show gave me the opportunity to drive 15 miles one way to buy my "Dessert Sensation", funnel cake. I love , love Keys Concessions funnel cakes! I bought three to share. The to go bag really keeps them fresh and looks very professional. Can't wait till the next event.

                                                               R.M. Westminster, Co.


Comment:Memorial Day

I work across  the street and I saw Funnel Cakes, I walked over to get one for my son. He devoured  it and asked if I would please, please go get another. Keys funnel cakes are one of the best I have had in Colorado.

                                                                        Susan, Lakewood, Co.

Comment: June 3rd, 2012 car Show

" This is the cleanest concession trailer I've ever seen."

                                                                         John, Arvada, Co.

June 10th/ tri-Lake Car Show in Monument Co.

" I have never had a funnel cake, I want one of your breakfast funnel cakes."

                                                                         J.C. in Monument, Co.

Comment: " Oh my gosh, ever since we got here my brother and I wanted a funnel cake, my dad finally said, yes!" Little brother comment: " I'll take ten funnel cakes because I love them they are so yummy." 

                                                                  Vendors children in Monument

Comment: June 17th, 2012

Apex Father's Day Car show

Dutch woman and family came to Funnel Cake unit, the woman said she smelled the wonderful aroma the minute she came out the door. She was so impressed with the technique and cleanless of unit. She said, " I love funnel cakes especially when they are done right!'                                       

                                                                         mom at Apex Car Show


July 4th, 2012

Westminster Parks & Recreation

Concert in the park.

Comment: "I came to your Funnel Cake Concession unit because it is impecably clean and therefore I know I'm getting a top of the line product before I even taste my funnel cake and the service is great."

                                                                J.R. Westminster Resident


July 4th, 2012

Comment: " We just had to come get a Funnel Cake by Keys Concessions."

                                             Flor and Christopher from Denver 

July 15th, 2012

Anderson Park/ Red lion Run Car Show

Comment: " The car show was fun and Tristen loved the funnel cake."

                                                         L. Cordova from Broomfield, Co.

"The funnel cakes are truly a taste sensation and the lemonade which is all I had today is truly the best I've ever tasted. I had three glasses during car show."

DaBoogieman DJ from myfavoriteoldies.com 


July 19th, 2012 / Tagawa Gardens

Comment: " My daughter saw the Funnel Cake signs and thats all it took."                                                          Mom in Centenial, Co.


July 21st, 2012/ Summerfest in Evergreen, Co.

" I've tried Funnel Cakes at other places and there isn't another like Keys Concessions. I look forward to this every year."      Sara in Evergreen.


" This is my first Funnel Cake in my entire life."        Bert in Evergreen


" I like to taste my coffee, this iced coffee tastes great."  

Nathan  in Evergreen.

" I love Funnel Cakes and my baby loves them too."     Mom in Evergreen

" I was covered with powdered sugar from head to toe! I would do it again just to have Keys Funnel Cake, LOVED IT!"            Timi in Evergreen


August 5th, 2012/ Scotchman- Memories Car Show

" I want Keys Concessions in all my shows, I will give Keys center stage, I would buy funnel cakes for everyone, if they didn't buy one."    

Carl in Wheatridge, Co.

" The Funnel Cake, iced cappuccino and the integrity of Keys Concessions are the best. I dropped a $20 in front of their trailer and they returned it to me. I was the first customer of the day."                               

John in Wheatridge

" I want my funnel cake topped with whipped cream and drizzled with caramel."

                                                           Caleb in Wheatridge

August 10th, 2012 / Golden West Carnival in Boulder

" Funnel Cakes bring back memories of my youth."   Senior in Boulder

" I've never had a funnel cake or elephant ear so I'll take one of each!"

                                                                             Senoir in Boulder      


August 12th, 2012 / Rocky Mountain Music Festival

" I don't know what a funnel cake is! I'm here to try one and because you were kind enough to come to our booth."       

Beautiful young lady in Littleton

The customer behind her said, "what planet has she lived on everyone knows what a funnel cake is, it's the best fair food on earth."


August 26th, 2012/ Evergreen Fine Arts Festival

"Keys Funnel Cakes has restored our love of funnel cakes by preparing our order crispy, that is the way a funnel cake should be made. It took us back 40 years."

                                                                  Ted and Dorothy Ciszek

August 26th, 2012

An attractive couple come to the window and they want to order what everyone is walking around with....a funnel cake, this is their first. After they enjoyed their decadent dessert they came to Keys Concessions and asked, " what makes your funnel cakes the best?" Amswer: We use top of the line product, best oil and two secret ingredients. The wife asked, " what could that be?." Diana responds, " now if I told you that it wouldn't be a secret!" The husband gave me a thumbs up! They loved it and promised to follow us. Great people, great times keeping the fun in funnel cakes.                                     Evergreen Couple at Fine Arts Festival


June 16th, 2013

" We're here because of Keys Funnel Cakes website, thanks for the wonderful funnel cake, fresh lemonade and iced cappuccino!."          Daniel in Arvada.



July 4, 2013

" Thank you for being here at the Northglenn 4th of July Family Festival, your hard work is greatly appreciated."         Jeanette Sanchez, event co-ordinator.


Aug. 3, 2013

" Thank you for your honesty and FUNNEL CAKES! My family and I enjoyed them very much. they were delicious! we hope to see you around more often so we can buy more FUNNEL CAKES. "        k.H. at Mike Shaw Subaru [ drive thru customer]


September 14th, 2013

Railroad Museum, Golden, Co. Thomas the Train Event.

Customer quote: " When I think of Thomas the Train I think of Keys lemonade, I love the fresh lemonade."                                           J.T. Golden, Co.


May 3rd & 4th, 2014

Cinco de Mayo, Fort Collins

Lady purchased a funnel cake on the 3rd, came back at the end of the day on the 4th, purchased 3 Funnel Cakes to go and asked to purchase my special Funnel Cake mix to make at home. That was a first! P.S. She greatly appreciated the Funnel Cake bags to go.


May 4th, 2014

Food vendors, reaction to Key's long line of Funnel Cake customers, " you are taking all the customers." Best compliment from a vendor.


May 4th, 2014

Three teen boys purchased Caramel & Cream Funnel Cake on day one came back twice on day two. They loved the Funnel Cake and enjoyed watching me drizzle caramel on a mound of whipped cream with my triple tip drizzler. They enjoyed the show!


May 17th & 18 th, 2014

"Best non greasy Funnel Cake I've ever had, my compliments to the chef!"

Danielli and Jeremy. Highlands Ranch, Co.


"The Rat Pack," Beau, Harris and Jake came by for a Funnel Cake, decked out in black suits, ties, hats and of course, sunglasses! THE COOLEST DUDES AT THE FESTIVAL!           Highlands Ranch, Co.


" Keys Concessions had taken food vending to a higher level, immaculate unit, spotless kitchen, artistic toppings and the best funnel cakes in Co."

Highlands Ranch, Co.


May 2015, Street Rodders for life. Gratitude to Daniel for following our summer schedule on this website and coming out to enjoy our Pennsylvania Dutch Funnel Cakes.

Thanks  to Peggy for listening to The Rock 93.7 FM, Scott Curtis, middays. Peggy called the studio and her glowing comments about the very best funnel cake  and favorite radio station were heard by thousands on the air. Thanks Scott Curtis!

Thanks John, retired firefighter from the Yacht Club.

The list can go on forever. You are the reason for our success! Thank you.